Future Sight: 2018

The New Year has come and gone, and we exist in 2018 now (so futuristic!). Last week I did a year in review, and this week I wanted to have a look forward at what I’m predicting will happen, warmachine-wise, and at my plans for the year. As I mentioned in the last post, 2017 was a big year for me. It was the first year I’ve had in war gaming where I felt like I was at the top of the game, that I was competing and playing at an international standard. 2018, by comparison, is where I’ve got to put my money where my mouth is, and start delivering on that potential shown the previous year.


CID continues apace, with Blighted Ogrun, Man O War and Crucible Guard scheduled for the first half of 2018. The Ogrun CID should be interesting, and I’m expecting there to be some other legion models put in there as well. Am predicting one of gargantuans, and maybe the lesser (Stingers and Harriers specifically, Shredders are fine). I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Carnivean Chassis of beasts went in, they could probably stand to be def 12 or arm 19, and gain a point of Mat (those things are really expensive).

Man O War wise, I’ve got a bit of a wish list. Shock-troopers are completely fine, no change necessary. The other 2 units are desperately in need of a buff. The spoiled Bombardier UA does a lot for the unit, but I’d really like to see Wall of Steel both here and on the Demo Corp. Speaking of which, Demo Corp really need some sort of buff, I’m hoping the Officer revealed is a UA and grants something like Shatter or Rapid Strike. I also would like to see some sort of take damage for benefit mechanic for Man O War, whether it’s something on Sorscha 3, or a UA. Man O War have a lot of boxes and it would be cool to use them as a resource. The non released models, Tanker solos and Chariot, have me speculating as well. I’m assuming the Solos are going to be fire support platforms, with decentish guns and a lot of armour. The Chariot has a pretty crappy looking gun (POW 12, d3+1 shots) but, at 15 points, looks like it will be a mixed melee and gun platform. It’s costed currently at the same level as a wraith engine (which has no gun, but has abilities to make up for it), so I wouldn’t be surprised if it has around the same melee capabilities, possibly tied into some rules for it’s mounts, ala the fun carriage, as well as a decent attack from the rider (like a seriously tooled up Drakhun basically).

Crucible Guard continues to intrigue, with a bunch of concept art dropping. They are supposed to be alchemists apparently so I would not be surprised if they have a bunch of once a game abilities from potions they drink. My main theory for their battle groups is tanks. Actual treaded, ww1 style metal boxes. Possibly focusing on a ranged presence, probably with big guns using Gunfighter or Dual attack, and a crappy basic melee attack (like heavy versions of the Rhulic Gun Bunnies). I have no basis for this theory, but I can wish can’t I. Some Jackal and Hyde stuff is likely coming, as one of the concept art pieces had a warcaster in 2 modes, likely one able to cast spells, and then a hulked out version that will have some drawback.



First up are the events happening in 2018 for me, with the first Midlands Qualifier for the Warhmachine and Hordes UK and Ireland Super Series (or UKISS for short). Taking place this Sunday (the 7th of January), me and the guys at Powerfist are running a 24 man steamroller, whittling down the players to as close to 4 undefeated as we can. If you haven’t heard of UKISS, then I encourage you to check it out. Qualifiers for all regions of the UK and Ireland will be taking place throughout the year, with the Finals being held sometime in Autumn. For more information, check their website out at http://wmhukiss.co.uk/.

After that, we have a succession of events, including:

  • The Warmachine Invitational in York
  • Bones Con
  • Welsh Masters
  • The ETC (which Powerfist has sent 2 teams to for the last 3 years)
  • UK Nationals
  • Blood and Oil

All of which I intend to attend this year.

Apart from those, I also have plans to hit some of the top tournaments this year.

I have somehow managed to qualify for the Iron Gauntlet Championships in Seattle for 2018, and so I intend to attend and get my ass handed to me by some great players. This is a really exciting one for me, as I firmly believe that one of the ways you get better is by playing people who are more skilled than you. So this event promises to pay dividends on that front. Additionally, well, it’s just kinda validating to qualify for things like that. I like to think I’m a good player, maybe even a great one on my good days, but there is a gap between being good in your own local area and competing on a national or international level.

I also intend to apply for the WTC teams for England this year. I did last year, and didn’t make the team. Last years English WTC teams were great and we even came close to having an all English Finals. This feels like the year England takes the WTC, and I want to be a part of that. We’ll see a bit later in spring whether I actually make the cut or not.

On a non- event note, I also hope to see the secondary parts of my Warmachine life take more prominence this year. The Murder of Crows podcast was a success last year, and I am looking forward to more rambling conversations about the faction as the year progresses. Additionally, Powerfist (my local club) has been steadily gaining in notoriety, pushing strong appearances from our players at the bigger national events, as well as starting a Twitch stream which we are getting back on following the December lull in play and I hope to be a regular player on the Thursday night streams (if your interested check us out here https://www.twitch.tv/powerfistwarmachine).

Overall, a big and interesting year ahead. Lots of big events and interesting stuff to come. I can’t wait!




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