Damn You Christmas!

So between work and family life, I haven’t had a great deal of time to write over the past few weeks. As a bit of a behind the scenes look at how I manage these posts, I tend to write a bunch of articles in one go, and then schedule them to go out on a Friday. On that front, I’ve done pretty well since I started this blog, having not missed a Friday so far. Equally, I tend to write pieces on current news and post them up sooner rather than later, which tend to be tournament reports that I want out within a week of the tournament ending generally, pushing back some of the less time sensitive posts (the Sorscha 1 deep dive was written about 2 months before it got posted). This generally gives me a bit of a back log so that one bad week doesn’t interrupt my update schedule.

All that being said, the run up to Christmas has been a pain. I work in retail, and all the nightmares of Christmas in retail have been happening. On top of that, prepping for the family Christmas has also been long winded, though fun. The upshot of all this is that, since I didn’t want to rush one of my long rambling essays about nothing particularly important, I don’t have an article for you guys today. I blame that rat bastard, Santa.

There will be an article next week, and we should be back on track from then. We’ll be doing a year in re-cap next week, followed by a ‘what I’m doing/predicting for the next year’ the following week.

Merry Christmas Y’all



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