Brief ETC round up

Haven’t posted in a while due to my hated enemy, real life. Have just come back from Cardiff and Firestorm games which were hosting the European Team Championships. My club fielded 2 teams and we ended up 10th and 9th, a great result up from last year’s 17th and 12th. Thought I’d post a quick round up of the rounds.

The team:

Me: khador myself with strakhov 2 legion of steel and butcher 3 Jaws of the wild

Jonathon Clarke: menoth, unthemed high reclaimed and guardians of the flame Thyra

Paul Jordan: Skorne with zaal 2 and Zaadesh 2

Jace Winter: Trollbloods with power of dhunia Doomie 2 and band of heroes Jarl

Christopher Clare: Retribution with Forces Vyros and Forges Rahn

Round 1:

Lost the round roll8 off and picked the tables. Ended up in the mirror playing into Khador. He dropped butcher3 winter guard kommand (battle engine and everything) and I dropped Strakhov 2. Game was grindy with me assassinating turn 4 between quickened great beard and last stand pikemen. Our team won that round 4-1

Round 2

Yay, team England lions. Because of course. I ended up in the mirror again, this time against Richard Beech. He dropped Vlad 1 with 5 jacks and all the rockets. I dropped butcher having played the Strakhov – vlad match before. What followed was one of the best games I’ve ever played. Neither of us really made any mistakes and what swung the game in the end was Ruin going in on a marauder  fully loaded and failing to even cripple a system. This forced me to position badly and things went down from there. Butcher ended up dead. We lost 4 – 1.

Round 3:

We end up playing playing team Wales. I got Legion in the end who surprised me by dropping vayl 2 in Oracle’s rather than fyanna. I drop strakhov. He has the Throne, but between tieing up the hellions helpings and some countercharges I score 3 in one turn (extraction is the scenario) and he has no way to contest one of the flags. My team wins this round overall.

Round 4:

We get team Scotland, who are difficult, and I get the mirror again. The match up is once again butcher 3 into vlad. This game goes much better, with me sniping all 9 rockets out early on. Between positioning and failing to kill ruin, I manage to get a fully loaded ruin into Vlad which kills him. The team loses this round 2 to 3 though and we end the tournament at 2-2.

We were all pleased to do better than last year. Next up, the Midlands open.


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