Welsh Masters: Round 7

Going into the final round of the tournament I have 5 wins and 1 loss. Am aiming for 6 wins, so the final round has me nervous. In addition, Round 6 had me finishing late thanks to the epic grind that was Toby Nathans Madrak 3 list, so I was rushed getting my lunch. I end up near the top table paired against Toby Jennings, who was kind enough to let me finish eating before we started clocks. He was running COC with Lucant and Iron Mother, both in theme (unsurprising) and both without TEPs (very surprising). After looking over his lists, I prefer Strakhov over butcher, despite a heavy amount of auto wound causing stuff in the mother list. I drop Strakhov, he drops Mother (as I feared), and off we go. Scenario was Extraction. List below:

Convergence Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Destruction Initiative

(Directrix 1) Iron Mother Directrix [+27]
– Assimilator [16]
– Assimilator [16]
– Corollary [6]
– Diffuser [6]
– Mitigator [7]
– Prime Axiom [38]
Attunement Servitors [0(4)]
Elimination Servitors [3]
Elimination Servitors [3]
Elimination Servitors [3]
Reflex Servitors [0(4)]
Reflex Servitors [0(4)]
Reflex Servitors [0(4)]
Optifex Directive [4]


I win the roll off and spend a good amount of time agonising over the choice to go first or second. He has a lot of shit that can just murder pikemen. I eventually settle on second and pick the side of the table with more walls. Also a hill to my right and a big forest in the centre, with a big wall running along the centre of the table. I deploy in standard formation, with strak and the jacks behind the forest and the centre pikemen offset to the side of the forest.

He deploys the axiom off centre to the left and the heavies on the other side, with the diffuser on the right and the mitigator on the left. Mother is central.

Round 1: Fight!

He runs everything forward as fast as he can, getting the reflex servitors dug in just in front of his lines. So far so normal.

I spend a good 5 minutes still agonising about what to do. In the end, I put quicken on the centre pikemen, who advance moved, and Feat, charging strakhov forward into the forest and giving him stealth, camping 3. The centre pikemen then minifeat and run to engage as much as possible, getting all the servitors, the heavies, the lights on the right and the axiom tied up, while also being in shield wall and under feat. The officer and the flag are central behind the wall. Everything else runs up as afast as possible, with markov joining the centre pikemen behind the wall, the right flank mini feating and moving up and the left flank just running. I think he has more to deal with.

Round 2:

My opponent is somewhat flabbergasted, he didn’t think I’d get up that far so fast, and is not sure what to do. He spends the turn trying to clear stuff out of melee, with mostly gunfighers, but the def 14 manages to save a number of pikemen. 1 heroic pikeman who is engaging one of the Assimilators tanks something in the range of 10 attacks, with reflex servitors missing, or him toughing and not being knocked down. He ends up having to back off his assimilator to take a free strike, which promptly crits and knocks it down, spiking damage as well. My opponent is on full tilt at this point, and ends the turn having killed most of the centre pikemen, and a couple from the right unit.

My turn and less has died than I thought it would. The remaining centre pikemen get Last Stand and the left hand unit get quicken, which ends up killing a bunch of servitors, the Mitigator, hurting the axiom (the great bears go in on it) and crippling both heavies. Markov and the left hand pikemen hang back as another wave.

Round 3:

Toby continues trying to clear off his gunline and kill pikemen, finally finishing off the centre unit and gutting the right hand unit.

My turn and the great bears kill tobys objective, Markov goes and controls the left hand flag. Last standed pikemen from the reserve unit manage to put down the Axiom and the 2 heavies get cut down to 1 heavy.

Round 4:

Toby knows the game is over and spends the turn trying to score points, which he does. He both agree that I’ll get to 5 trivially and the game ends there, with the score 5-3.

Victory for the Motherland!

Post Game thoughts:

Toby is a great player, he ended up getting best in COC in the end. He played as well as he could under the circumstances, but this game was a great example of how you can play a list into bad odds by adjusting your strategy. The pikemen running turn 1, combined with feat meant that Toby struggled to clear them. Because of that, the rest of the force got delivered almost untouched and just swept up his gun-line. Strakhov continues to impress with just how hard his feat makes pikemen. This was a list that could specifically kill a lot of pikemen, and I managed to pull it out between tough rolls and quicken.

In the end I finished 7th over all, which is my second best result at a tournament, and best in Khador. A fantastic result that I am very pleased with. Next stop. The ETC!



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