Welsh Round 6

Am finally out of Cryx infested waters, and into the high seas of Trollbloods. Am paired against Toby Nathan, a fantastic Troll player who is running Madrak 3 and Doomie 3. Since there is no way I’m dropping Butcher 3 into doomie (because implacability), I drop Strakhov. He drops Madrak, and off we go. Scenario was take and hold. List below:

Trollbloods Army – 74 / 75 points
[Theme] Band of Heroes

(Madrak 3) Madrak, Great Chieftain [+29]
– Pyre Troll [9]
– Troll Bouncer [9]
– Troll Impaler [11]
Fell Caller Hero [0(5)]
Fennblade Kithkar [4]
Fennblade Kithkar [4]
Stone Scribe Chronicler [4]
Trollkin Champion Hero [0(5)]
Trollkin Champions (min) [10]
Trollkin Champions (max) [17]
– Skaldi Bonehammer [5]
Trollkin Fennblades (max) [15]
– Fennblade Officer and Drummer [5]
Trollkin Warders (min) [10]


I win the roll off and choose to go first. Terrain is pretty unimportant, rubble in the centre of my side of the board, a wall to the right of his flag. I deploy in standard formation, with strakhov behind the rubble. He deploys with his fennblades spread across his line, champions central, warders with madrak, solos in the centre and the kithkars on either flank.

Round 1: Fight!

I run everything forward, central unit getting inviolable, right hand unit getting quicken.

My opponent does much the same, running everything as far forward as possible and feating.

Round 2:

So I have a wall of trolls in my face, and 2 choices. Back off or dive head first into the meat grinder. I decide to dive in, as it will allow me to dictate some positioning. The turn gets messy quickly as 1 fennblade keeps toughing and moves in to jam 1 of my units. I manage to cut down most of the fennblades in the end as well as a champion. Not a huge amount dies but I get most of the front rank off the table, spending my mini-feats to get into shield wall. Strakhov feats, covering as much as possible and gets within walking distance of the flag.

My opponent is now faced with much the same dilemma as me, and on the vengeance move, procs a counter charge from the kovnik. He goes through his turn killing bits and pieces, bouncing off armour in most cases. He fails to kill markov, after setting up a charge for his champions on him, he moves the fennblade CA within 6 inches and gets countercharged, with Markov ending up outside of most of the charges. He eats a champion to the face and survives. The great bears also make some counter charges, killing a champion and some fennblades. By the end of the turn, I’ve lost most of my centre unit, some on the left and none on the right. He scores the flag and goes to 1

Round 3:

I continue stabbing trolls to death, killing most of the champions, the rest of the fennblades, both kithkars, the fell caller and the chronicler. I contest the flag with some pikemen, and get strakhov on the flag. Score is 1 all.

My opponent manages to clean up most of the pikemen, kill the great bears and markov. He ends his turn having cleared the flag and scores another 1, contesting my flag with the pyre troll.

Round 4

The game is rapidly going down to time, so I have to start playing fast. I run the devastator into contest the flag and also block off the warders and bouncer that are poised to approach my flag. Torch kills the pyre troll and sprints to also block off the warders. The remaining pikemen charge and damage the impaler. Strakhov and co shoot some things and remain on the flag.

My opponent is almost out of time, but also in a position to possibly win the game next turn. He runs madrak off the flag, positioning him to clear my flag out next turn, while blocking in my jacks with the warders. As he is running his remaining fennblades in to threaten as well, he runs out of time, with me scoring 1 more time to make the score 3-2.

Victory for the motherland!

Post game thoughts:

Trolls are hard to kill. I think I made the right decision on list drop. Butcher does better into this list because of silence of death, but Doomie is a concern. The decision to commit turn 2 was correct as well I think, good use of counter charge made things hard on my opponent and armour 23 when you can’t charge is hard to break even for weapon masters. Anyway, onto round 7!


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